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I graduated from the Novosibirsk State University in 1977. My Ph.D. thesis was completed under the guidance of the world famous Academician Prof. S.K.Godunov and was dedicated to investigation of some initial-boundary value problems for the hyperbolic differential equations. After Ph.D. (1980) I was invited to work in the Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Fields of interest Presently my scientific interests lie in investigating some mathematical problems of modern physics (Dirac equation, Yang-Mills equations, gauge fields, the gravitational field). Among others, my favorite mathematical tools are differential forms and Clifford Algebra. More detail (in Russian).

Publications 1993-2009, In Russian 1979-1992




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You can find some of my e-preprints on in math-ph, hep-ph.

My scientific recreation. A model of composite structure of quarks and leptons inds.htm

Near scientific text. A trip to Cambridge cambridge.htm.


My hobbies: water tourism, mountain skiing, kite surfing.

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Mail: Marchuk N.G., Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, Gubkina st.8, Moscow 119991, Russia

Office: (007 499) 135-14-49

Fax: (007 499) 135-05-55


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