Shchepin, Evgeny Vital'evich

Department of geometry and topology

Office:  534
  (095) 9383787

Principal Fields of research:
geometric topology, general topology, pattern recognition, scheduling, divergent series





Vita and Education:

 DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: October 10,1951, Moscow, USSR
 EDUCATION:   Physic-Mathematical School (PMS)  18            1965-1968,
                         Mech-Math Faculty of  Moscow State University 1968-1973,
                         Ph.D. Steklov Math.Inst.     1977,
                         Doctoral dissertation           1979

1971-1975 assistant in PMS 18, 

1976-1977 assistant of Moscow State University,

1985-1998, professor of mathematics in PMS 18,

1998-2000, Researcher in UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mexico,

2002-present time, professor of mathematics in Special learning-researching Centrum under Moscow State University (former PMS 18),

2003-2009, professor in Moscow  Psychology-Pedagogical University,

1977-present time, Moscow, Steklov Institute, Senior (Leading) Researcher 

Awards and Honors:
  Wins Moscow Mathematical Society Prize for young mathematicians at 1976 for works on general topology.
  Selected as Soros teacher at 1995 and 1996 for teaching in Kolmogorov school.
  Received Grant of Moscow at 2003 for his work in the Psychology-Pedagogical University (MGPPU)  

Selected publications: 

          1. Topology of limit spaces of uncountable inverse spectra
             Russian Mathematical Survey 1976,vol.31, 5
          2. Sur les applications continues des cubes de Tihonov

              Comp.Rend.Ac.Sci.Paris  1979, t.288,ser.A
          3. On intersection of compacta of complementary  dimensions
             in Euclidean spaces
, Topology and Applications  vol. 38,1991
          4. Character recognition via critical points

             Inter.J.of Imag.Systems and Technology 1991,vol. 3
          5. On 1-cycles and the finite dimensionality of homology
, Topology, 31,1991
          6. A characterization of convex sets in terms of acyclic support sets,
             Bull. London Math. Soc., vol.28, 1996
          7. Selections of Filtered Multivalued Mappings,
             Proc.Steklov Inst.Math. vol.212,1996.
          8. A proof of the Hilbert-Smith conjecture for actions
             by Lipschitz maps
. Math. Ann. 308, 361-364, 1997
Arithmetic of dimension theory, Russian Math. Surveys,
             52:5, 1999.


   Recent papers

1.      On geometry of multiprocessor distributions.

2.      64 



5.      9

6.      On multiplication of sums (in Russian).

7.      Elementary proof of Borsuk-Ulam theorem