First    Announcement    

                               The First International Conference on 
                           p-adic Mathematical

                                                    p-ADIC MATHPHYS.2003

                                          Steklov Mathematical Institute 
                                                   Moscow, Russia

                                                 October 1 - 5, 2003

                                  p-adic mathematical physics is quickly developing area with
                           numerous applications in different fields  ranging  from  quantum
                           theory to disordered  and  chaotic   systems  to  molecular  biology 
                           and to information science.

                                The  aim  of  this  conference  is  to  present recent   results in
                          p-adic mathematical    physics,   related fields, and   applications,
                          as well as to discuss earlier results and possible future directions
                          of investigation.


                           Contributions will be solicited in the research areas  including:

                     - p-adic quantum mechanics, string theory, and field  theory;
                     - Planck scale physics, quantum cosmology;
                     - p-adic dynamical systems and stochastic processes;
                     - p-adic methods in spin glasses, disordered and chaotic systems,
                       mesoscopic systems and molecular dynamics, molecular biology,  
                       information and computer   science;
                     - NonArchimedean and Noncommutative geometry;
                     - p-adic mathematical physics and number theory,
                      (Riemann) zeta-functions, algebraic geometry, motives,
                      representation theory, spectral theory, functional analysis

                             Proceedings of the conference will be published in the
                        special issue of the Proceedings of the Steklov Mathematical Institute.

                           Oranizing Committee: 

                        B.Dragovich (Yugoslavia),

                        A.Khrennikov (Sweden), 

                        A.N.Kochubei (Ukraine),

                        S.V.Kozyrev (Secretary, Russia), 

                         Ya.V.Radyno (Belorussia), 

                         V.S.Vladimirov (Co-Chairman, Russia), 

                         I.V.Volovich (Co-Chairman, Russia)

                       Call for papers:

                     Titles and abstracts can be submitted to
                   Scientific secretary Dr. S.V.Kozyrev:


                        Further information is available on the web-site which  is  currently

                      under  construction