Dear Participants of the Conference, Please find here the information how to find Steklov Institute, the Universitetskaya Hotel and on transportation between the Hotel and the Steklov Institute. Steklov Institute: Gubkina Street 8, nearest metro station Leninski Prospect. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Transportation from metro station Leninski Prospect to Steklov Institute: You can choose two ways from metro: by tram or by trollebus. Please use the exit of metro which is closer to the center of the city. To use tram you have to turn right from the exit and walk about 50 meters to arrive to tram stop. To use trolleybus you have to turn left from the exit and walk about 100 meters and use the underground crossing to arrive to the trolleybus stop. 1) by tram (any) at Vavilova Street in the direction opposite to the center of the city until the stop "Gubkina Street". You walk about 10 meters in the same direction. Then the first turn to the right from Vavilova street is Gubkina street, you need the 9-floor yellow building (number 8, it is the second from Vavilova street) of the Steklov Institute at the left side of Gubkina street. 2) by trolleybus 33, 62, 84, 4 at Leninski Prospect in the direction opposite to the center of the city until the stop "Univermag Moskva", then to the opposite side of the Leninski Prospect using the underground crossing. You arrive almost precisely to Gubkina Street. The first turn the to left from Leninski Prospect is Gubkina Street, you need the right side of the Gubkina street. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hotel Universitetskaya, situated at Crossing of Lomonosovskii and Michurinskii Prospects, Michurinskii Prospect 8/29, nearest metro station -- Metro Universitet. IMPORTANT: Information about the prices: unfortunately, the hotel has not so much cheapest rooms. We reserved the rooms which cost 630 rubles/day. Transportation from metro -- buses 103, 130, trolleybus 34 in the direction of Michurinskii Prospect, you need the stop at the crossing of Lomonosovskii and Michurinskii Prospects. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Transportation from the Universitetskaya hotel to the Steklov Institute: buses 103, 130 in the direction of Leninskii prospect, until the stop at the crossing of Leninskii and Lomonosovskii Prospect. Then you have two choices: 1) use tram 39 until the stop Gubkina street, the tram stop is near to the bust stop at the crossing of Leninskii and Lomonosovskii Prospects; than to the left you will have Gubkina street. 2) Cross Leninskii Prospect, to the right you will have bus/trolleybus stop. Use (I think almost arbitrary, at least arbitrary trolleybus) transport to arrive to "Univermag Moskva" stop, you will have Gubkina street to the right. Total time of transportation is about 35--40 minutes Transportation from Steklov Institute to the Hotel -- in the opposite sequence. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prices on transportation: 1 US dollar is about 30 rubles 1 Euro is about 34 rubles Metro: 8 rubles/ticket for 1 entry, 50 rubles/ticket for 10 entries buses/trolleybuses: 7 rubles/ticket if you buy ticket near metro station, 10 rubles/ticket if you buy inside the bus/trolleybus. Marshrutka (minibus): between 10 and 20 rubles (depending on the number), you have to pay in cash.