Sergey Novikov

                              Russian Mathematicians in the 20th Century


Part I: Mathematicians behind the Iron Curtain

Sergey Novikov. Autoibiography (in Russian). Sergey Novikov. Autobiography (reduced version) (in Russian).
2. Novikov-Keldysh Family and the XXth Century (in Russian) .
3. An academy tale on the A.D.Alexandrov: ''Danilych''. Published in the memorial book (in Russian). The unpublished Appendix added.
4. Pontryagin: My Comments concerning the worst period of his activity (in english). По-русски Unpublished.
5. Rokhlin (published in the: V.A.Rokhlin. Selected Works. Independent University of Moscow, 1999, pp. 472-491) (in Russian)
6. Leontovich: Mathematicians and Physicists in the Academy in 60s-80s (published in the memorial book ''Collection of Memoirs on the academician M.A. Leontovich'', second edition (extended), Moscow, Nauka, PhysMatLit 1996, pp. 354-369, in Russian, third edition in 2003, and in the Transactions of the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences and Technology, Moscow, 1995).
7. Qualitative Theory of Dynamical systems and foliations in the Moscow Mathematics at the first half of 1960s (dedicated to the memory of V.Arnold) Russ. Math Surveys (Uspekhi Math. Nauk), vol 65 (2010), n.4, pp. 201-207
( in Russian and in English).
8. Mathematical Dissident Trials and Kids in the late Breznev era. Death of Bella Subbotovskaya-Muchnik (in English, unpublished). На русском

Part II: The Great Crisis in Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Education

1. End of XXth Century and Crisis of the Phys-Math Community. Published by the Institute for the History of the Natural Sciences and Technology, Istorico-Matematicheskiye Issledovaniya, vol 7(42)(2002), pp. 326- 356 (in Russian). English translation made by A.Sossinsky is published in the volume: AMS Translations (2) vol 212 (2004) pp 1-24 , S.P.Novikov's Seminar, 2002-2003 (edited by V.Buchstaber and I.Krichever).
2. ''Problems of Math Education in Russia. Is there any future?'' (From the book ''Mathematics in Education'' containing the articles of Cassiodoros, Charles The Great, Lobachevski, E.Borel, Serve, Khinchin, P.Kapitza, the letters from Kapitza to Kolmogorov and back, Kolmogorov, Anosov, Tikhomirov, S.Novikov, Arnold, Yu.Soloviev, Abramov, Filippov. Phasis Editorial Company, 2000. Novikov's article was first published in the Transactions of the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences and Technics, 1997, n 1, pp. 97-106 (in Russian).
3. Applied Mathematics and Applications of Mathematics. Inaugural Address (AMAM, Nice, February 10-15, 2003). EMS Newsletter # 54, December 2004, p.9-10.
4. Interview with S.P.Novikov (made by V.Buchstaber), American Math Society Translations ser 2 vol 212, 2004, pp. 25-40 (in English)
5. Interview with S.P.Novikov for made by Natalia Demina, see site for March 20, 2013
6. ''Power and Science'', October 2013'' (Russian). Newspaper version, page 1, page 2
7. Interview with S.P.Novikov for the "Ogonek" magazine, 2016 (in Russian)Page 1 ,Page 2 ,Page 3 ,Page 4
8. Об одном пороке русской математики: научное завещание С.П.Новикова.
9. Защита Винберга (13-летняя эпопея в московской математике 70-х - 80-х годов).

Part III. Mathematicians and History

1. ''Mathematicians and History'' (published in the popular journal ''Priroda'', 1997, n 2, pp 70-74, in Russian; this is a short version of the unpublished but widely distributed article ''Mathematicians are the Gerostrats of the History'').
2. My stories: The Real History. What is written in the Great Historical Sources? The Common Sense is needed to understand it. (in Russian, unpublished)

Part IV. Famous French and Russian satirical writers (in Russian)

Part V. Activity against the Mathematical Pseudohistory, and Pseudostatistics. Selected Public Speeches in Academy, and Articles in the Uspekhi Journal.

1. ''Pseudomathematics and pseudohistory. Fantastics in our life.'' (Published in Uspekhi Math Nauk=Russian Math. Surveys, 2000, v 55, n 2, pp 159-161.)
2. The most signifiant Public Speeches of S.Novikov in the General Meetings of the Academy of Sciences of USSR/Russia:
        a) General Academy Meeting, October 1988, "The Situation in the Moscow State University and the activity of its rector against the Einstein General Relativity".
        Published in Vestnik of the USSR Academy, 1989, n 2, pp 81-82
        b) General Academy Meeting, May 1997, "On the role of Shiryaev in the creation of the new branch of the Russian but not International Applied Mathematical Statistics - Mathematical Pseudohistory" (unpublished)
        c) General Academy Meeting, March 1998, "On the scientifically incompetent activity of Fomenko in the Applied Mathematics and Pseudohistory", read by the President of Academy on the General
        Academy Meeting, March 26, 1998, the pieces of this speech were published on the titlepage of the Journal Uspekhi Math Nauk, 1998, v 53, n 5, Russian edition
3. On the Policy of Editorial Board of the Journal Uspekhi Math Nauk/Russian Math Surveys (UMN/RMS) in the period of rapid changes. Russian Math Surveys (2009), vol 64 n 5, pp 189-191.