Victor A. Vassiliev 

Steklov Institute of Mathematics      
Russian Academy of Science            

Mathematics College                           
Independent University of Moscow 

Phone:  [7-495]-426-1659; -515-6266  
poste:  Dep. of  Geometry and Topology,
             Steklov Institute of Mathematics,
             Gubkina 8, Moscow, 119991,  Russia

Personal information

              Born: April 10, 1956
Citizenship: citizen of Russia
Married: to Tatiana Vassilieva
Children: Maria (1982), Fedor (1995), Ivan (1996)

Area of specialization

              Singularity Theory; Topology;
Complexity Theory; Integral Geometry;
Symplectic Geometry and Topology;         Partial Differential Equations;
Complex Analysis; Combinatorics.

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