• Born on June 30, 1988
  • C. Sc. (≈ Ph. D.) in Physics and Mathematics since 2012, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Senior scientific researcher at Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Research supported by: RSF · RFBR · RYM · President's grants (NŠ · MK) · the never-ending curiosity
  • Teaching at: Lomonosov Moscow State University (Mathematical Logic) · HSE University (Computer Science)
  • My Erdős number is 3:
    Erdős → Blass → Scedrov → me.

International Teaching

Ensom vandrer
(personal blog; mostly in Russian, with fragments in other languages)


Primary research interest: substructural logic with application to linguistics.


  • (2021) S.L. Kuznetsov. Commutative action logic [arXiv:2102.11639]
  • (2020) M. Kanovich, S. Kuznetsov, A. Scedrov. Language models for some extensions of the Lambek calculus [arXiv:2008.00070]
  • (2020) S.L. Kuznetsov, S.O. Speranski. Infinitary action logic with exponentiation [arXiv:2001.06863]
  • (2019) S. Kuznetsov. Action logic is undecidable [arXiv:1912.11273]

Recent and forthcoming talks:

  • Soft subexponentials and multiplexing (with M. Kanovich, V. Nigam, A. Scedrov), IJCAR 2020, June 2020.
  • The 'long rule' in the Lambek calculus with iteration: undecidability without meets and joins, AiML 2020, August 2020.
  • Complexity of commutative infinitary action logic, DaLí 2020, October 9–10, 2020.
  • Фрагмент исчисления Ламбека с релевантной модальностью (с С.М. Дудаковым и Б.Н. Карловым), Мальцевские чтения 2020, 16–20 ноября 2020 г.

Selected papers:

Учебные курсы в Москве · Teaching in Moscow

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  • Спецкурс «Математическая логика» (обязательный курс для студентов кафедры математической логики и теории алгоритмов)
    Материалы: Лекторы: академик РАН Л. Д. Беклемишев, к. ф.-м. н. С. Л. Кузнецов, доц. Т. Л. Яворская